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Casket Tributes

  • Mum Tribute

    Mum Tribute

    A mass of white Double Spray


  • Dad Tribute

    Dad Tribute

    A mass of Spray Chrysanths Irises, Statice and Lisianthus in blues and whites,


  • Lily Casket Spray

    Lily Casket Spray

    20 white Oriental Lilies are beautifully set off by an array of luxurious deep green leaves,


  • Exotic Selection Casket Spray

    Exotic Selection Casket Spray

    This Casket Spray features a selection of exotic flowers including Strelitzias, Anthuriums and Cymbidium Orchids


  • Rose Casket Spray

    Rose Casket Spray

    Large and small-headed red Roses combine with luxurious foliages to create this traditional Rose Casket Spray.


  • Celtic Cross

    Celtic Cross

    created using moss finished with Mini Cymbidium Orchids and mango-coloured Calla Lilies.


  • Woodland Casket Spray

    Woodland Casket Spray

    White Calla Lilies and large-headed Roses are complemented by green flowers and foliages,


  • Classic White Cross

    Classic White Cross

    A mass of white Spray Chrysanthemums, white Roses, Dendrobium Orchids, approx. 3 feet in length,


  • Classic Cross

    Classic Cross

    A classic cross, covered with a mass of orange and green flowers including Roses, Spray Carnations, Spray Chrysanthemums and Alstroemeria.