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Posies & Baskets

  • Lemon & Cream Basket

    Lemon & Cream Basket

    A traditional trug basket filled with Lilies,


  • Country Garden Basket

    Country Garden Basket

    A country garden selection of flowers,


  • Scented Posy

    Scented Posy

    A delightful scented posy including Freesias, Roses and Gypsophila


  • Lilac & Pink Trug

    Lilac & Pink Trug

    This traditional trug basket is filled with large-headed Roses


  • Classic Posy

    Classic Posy

    A classic selection in lemon and white


  • Rose & Freesia Posy

    Rose & Freesia Posy

    Roses and scented Freesia in soft pink and lilac are nestled amongst luxurious foliage in this classic posy design


  • Classic White Posy

    Classic White Posy

    A classic posy design created using a mass of white Double Spray Chrysanthemums


  • Woodland Posy

    Woodland Posy

    Large-headed Roses, Carnations, Spray Chrysanthemums and delicate Giant Chincherinchee